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Job Partner Search FAQs

Job Sharing is a wonderful way to work part time.  Our job partner search was developed to help you find a great professional to share a full time job with. 

What does it mean to be "active" in the Job Partner Search database?  This means that your basic information will be included in a list as a possible job share partner if someone does a search that matches your profession and location.  To be active just click the "yes" button when asked whether you want to be active in our job partner database.  It is at the bottom of the member form.
What is the charge for being active in the Job Partner Search database?    There is no charge for being active in the database and no charge to you if someone else requests your contact information.
What information will be displayed on the job partner list when someone does a search? The only information provided on the free basic search is your first name, location (city and state) and current job title.
What happens if someone finds my information and wants to contact me? If someone wants to contact you regarding a potential job share partner opportunity they will email Womans-Work, LLC.  We will email you to let you know that someone has made the request and will provide you with their name.  We will then provide the potential partner with your first and last name, phone number and email address.
Can an organization purchase a list of emails from the job partner search database? We respect your privacy!  Only individuals looking for a job share partner can purchase and receive the contact information.  And we only sell a few names and contact info to each requester.  If someone attempted to purchase hundreds of names it would send up red flags immediately. 
What if I decide later that I no longer want to be active in the Job Partner Search database?  No problem.  You can visit the update information page at any time to change your selection to "no".  The page is available 24/7.  However, if you are serious about sharing a job you should remain active.  We have new people joining all of the time.  You will want them to be able to find you!  You never know when that perfect person will join.
If I do a search and want contact information how much does it cost? The charge is just $9.95 per contact.  A great bargain to get the ball rolling towards a successful job share partnership.
If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to email us at

**Remember, you must be a member active in our job partner database to conduct your free search. 

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