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Flex Option Wage Comparison Worksheet
Have you ever stopped to think what your REAL hourly rate is?  Or have you been too afraid?  Fill in the items below to do a real hourly rate calculation estimate.  And, if you are interested in working an alternative work arrangement, fill in that section to determine the change in monthly income and hourly rate. You may be surprised!!
NOTE: You must enter data in ALL fields on this page in order to calculate a comparison

Enter the following information about the wage you currently earn:
**NOTE:  Information entered is for purposes of calculation only and will not be saved or used in any other way.

Your take home pay per pay period:
# of pay periods per year (if paid every other week=26, twice a month=24):
# of workdays per pay period:
Actual average # of hours you work per pay period:
# of minutes of commute time per workday:
# minutes spent getting ready for work per workday:
Enter the following information about the current work-related expenses you incur:
# of work-related miles you drive your own car per workday (will calc 55 cents per mile):
Other work-related transportation costs per workday (fares, tolls, parking, etc.):
Day Care expenses per workday:
Dining out expense per workday.  Include carry out dinners that result when no one has time to cook! (will use 66% of purchase to calc cost above meals at home.): 
Work-related clothing expenses per month (suits, nylons, uniforms, dry cleaning):
*Office gifts per month (birthdays, showers):
Other misc. work-related expenses per month:
Enter the following information about the alternative work arrangement you would like to compare to your current work arrangement:
What % of current actual hours worked is the alternative work arrangement?  (e.g. half time = .50 or teleworking full time would = 1.00):
# days per week that you will commute to the office:
# days per week that you will use day care:

*Expense for office gifts is not reduced.  Let's face it, you still end up contributing whether you work from home, work part time or are there all the time!

Employer-paid benefits have not been included in the equation.  But you will need to take that into consideration as well.

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