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  We appreciate the feedback we get from our members.  We would love to hear from you at CompanyWebmaster Here is what others had to say:

I am preparing to re-enter the workplace after an unexpected 2-year leave from the workforce. I have found this site to be the very best site I could have hoped for.
Thank you so much, keep up the GREAT work.


I am a stay-at-home Mom looking for work from my home.  I registered with your site quite some time ago....Based on all the other job sites there are, I came to the conclusion that Womans-Work was about the only legitimate site for what I am looking for.  One of the things I remembered reading from your site is that no company will be asking for money for any reason if they are really legitimate

It seems every other job site, except Womans-Work, is useless.  They all seem to be scams.  I will continue searching your site knowing you really are out there checking every company for hidden agendas.

Thank you again for your time.



I just wanted to say thanks for having such a sincere website. I am so tired of these websites that charge an 'arm-n-a-leg' to get information to work at home. I have been so scammed it isn't funny. 

But all I want to say is, 'KUDOS' to you and all you are doing to keeping some of us sane and able to enjoy working at home.

Happy Holidays,


Hi Kirsten.
Thank you so much for your response.  I did what you suggested and see there
are a lot of part-time HR opportunities.

I will keep checking because this is the first sight I have found
aimed at part-time/flexible positions that are still professional in nature
looking for degreed individuals.  That is very exciting to me.

Have a great day,

I found your web site with much enthusiasm! A great place for women and mothers to look for job opportunities in order to make family time more plentiful!  I think it's wonderful.  I was looking for online job opportunities in order for me to work at home and be with my young daughter and my other that is on the way.  I have done telemarketing and sales both before and did well.  I am proficient with Windows and I comprehend all the programs quite well.  I type around 80 wpm and I spell accurately as well.  
Misty O.


Thank you so much for your very prompt and thorough response.  I will definitely use your information.  What a help you have been!

Sincerely, Jodi L.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  I have been very frustrated trying to find work that I can do at home.  I do not want to "sell" or "invest" in this.  I have value in my skills and knowledge, but it seems impossible to seek out the for real offers and the not so real offers.  

Kaitland T.

I love your website!!  It is so user friendly and so job-seeker friendly.  I have been to site after site after site looking for work from home and this is the first one I actually enjoyed surfing through.  Rather than bidding for a job, I can just apply for jobs at the click of a button and let the employers/recruiters decide if I'm a match.  It's wonderful!  Thank you.


Hi Kirsten:

I visited your new web site and wanted you to know that I thought it was top notch.  I have surfed the net and visited LOTS of other woman's work at home type sites and this one is definitely the most complete in terms of touching on not only work type situations, but your lifestyle as a whole.

I also wanted you to know that I signed up as a member.  Just wanted to wish you the best with this very necessary site in helping woman to find the best situation for them so they can do their most important job of all, and that is to be a mom.

Best of Luck to You,


Woman's Work:
Thank you so much for your reply and suggestions and data on flexible working schedules.
You pointed me in a direction which is most POSITIVE and the statistics were very interesting.
Will keep you informed on the outcome.
So glad I surfed to your page.
Kindest Regards from Atlanta!


Thank you very much for the information; it helped me put together a successful telecommuting proposal.  I am presently working at home one day a week, and hope to increase my schedule to two days by the end of the summer.  I will keep you apprised of any new developments.

Thanks again.

We are constantly getting asked by readers how they can find jobs with flexibility or telecommuting, so it's nice to have
yet another place to send them to.
Thanks again,

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