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Life Balance: The Six Dimensions of Wellness 

Physical Dimension 


Social Dimension 
Intellectual Dimension 
Spiritual Dimension 
Vocational Dimension  Emotional Dimension 


Have you ever noticed that some activities seem to give you a burst of energy while others seem to leave you barely able to move? The goal is to prioritize your life, to the extent possible, around the activities that excite you and give you energy. You have a limited amount of time but can affect the amount of energy you have to live life......a Dynamic Life!

You can fit most of your life activities into six main categories. To live a fulfilled life you have to find balance within the six categories. Life is a journey, so the goal is not to hit or maintain perfect balance but to consciously work towards it. Keep balance in your sights. The ultimate is to find activities that excite and energize in each of the categories and spend some time on each. The six main categories can be found above.  Click to see the definitions.

Now, let's do an exercise.  How balanced is your life right now?  Create a pie chart including a section for each of the six dimensions of wellness.  Divide the slices based on the amount of time you currently spend in each area.  Be truthful!  Which slice is the smallest?  I bet this area of your life is suffering! 

Once you've done this, take some time to make a list of the activities that seem to give you energy and those that seem to take it away. Which category do these activities fall into? This will give you a clue about which dimensions you may want to place less emphasis on and which you should spend more time with. 

It is difficult to do, but try to place a numerical value on each of the six dimensions of wellness based on how you would like things to be. The total should equal 100%. Thinking about your interests in this introspective way will help you gain valuable self-knowledge. If you are able to convert your priorities into life changes through conscious choice you will live a happier more energetic life.



Kirsten's Book Recommendations

A bit new-agey for some - but if you believe that your thoughts can have an impact on your health you will want to read this one!

The BEST cookbook ever!  Healthy and practical!  Quick and easy.  She leads you through each meal step by step!
 Turn It Off Have you had your evening or weekend interrupted one time too many by your pager, or by having to check your voice mail or e-mail messages?  Have you forgotten what it's like to make it through an entire day without sending or replying to any kind of electronic message, signal or beeps and rings?

If so, you'll want to read this book.

Getting a Life - Strategies for Simple Living will provide you with tips on how to live well for less.  "Voluntary Simplicity"
As seen on Oprah.  Align your personality with your soul.
How to be a good father and a businessman.  


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